The IFCSG AGM took place, Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at the New Manor Ground Clubhouse.

All committee members were re elected with the addition of John Attewell who will join the committee

The minutes of the AGM will be uploaded to the webiste when available.

Feel free to download the PDF files of last years AGM and also this years agenda.

Agenda for Second AGM of the IFCSG

Draft Minutes of the First AGM of IFCSG


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Ilkeston gets it’s station back.

Ilkeston may well be on the road, or should that be rail to recovery, after news was released that funding has been secured and a station is set to be built in 2014. With the national news dominated with the high speed train network, it’s refreshing to see some politicians seeing the bigger picture and focusing in the regional areas, especially Ilkeston which will greatly benefit from a station.

It’s one extreme to another though, as it’s been made common knowledge that Ilkeston used to have 3 stations, and is the largest town currently without a station.

So what does that mean for the town now? Read the full article here