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Hazelwood care Home

IFSG Chairman Duncan Payne with Catherine Atkinson, Chair of Erewash Labour Party

Sign the petition here:

Derbyshire County Council are proposing to close Hazelwood Home for Older People due to the rising cost of repairs. Over a 12-week consultation period people who would be affected by the closure will get the chance to say what they think about the proposal.

Due to ‘estimation’ for cost of work, Derbyshire County Council are now considering closing the home where there are currently 25 elderly residents. These residents include my 97 year old grandma and family members of friends in Ilkeston. Hazlewood is the only local authority owned care home left in Ilkeston & provides a vital service for the elderly in and surrounding this area. Having local authority owned care homes provides support to those elderly who may not be able to support a private care home bill – just as the NHS does for us.

If you believe that this is a vital service then please add your name to this petition and take a stand.



The Supporters Group will be making a record investment into the football club in the near future. Unlike in the past, we shall be sponsoring two players this season and, for the very first time, we shall also be sponsoring a match. In addition to this we will be looking towards purchasing some much needed equipment which will assist the club considerably.

Anthony Redwood fully recognises the importance of the Group and the club will be pro-actively promoting the Group, encouraging as many supporters as possible to join up. The sponsored game, earmarked for early 2018, will enable five lucky members plus a guest each to receive hospitality from the club prior to the game (Committee members are exempt from the draw). Other incentives are being looked into.

A growth in numbers will potentially allow us invest further as the season progresses, and we are looking at starting a stadium development fund to assist the club with any necessary improvements – in addition to the £3,000 ring-fenced for the public address system upgrade.

Apart from financially, the Group will be assisting in other ways. We will be producing official club merchandise with an aim to getting to stock in before Christmas. This will come at no cost to the club but we will be splitting profits 50% once we have broken even.

Exciting times lie ahead, and the need for us to be as one has never been greater. Onwards and upwards! Up the Robins!



The Supporters Group name change from IFCSG to IFSG wasn’t just a case of losing a letter and carrying on. It was an opportunity to reflect on the groups values, it’s position going forward as a group with the formation of a new football club in Ilkeston and moving on. It also presented our resident Graphic Designer and Website and Media Officer Lee Francis with an opportunity to revisit, and redesign the old logo which was launched with the original group back in 2011. 

Whilst the only original elements of the logo that remain are the football and IFSG letters (minus the C of course), Lee opted to redesign the old Robin that sat on the ball. The previous robin was a silhouette of the Old Ilkeston Town FC logo, the club which folded back in 2010. The birth of the IFCSG as a result of this event and subsequent formation of Ilkeston FC gave reference to the old crest. Ilkeston FC launched their own crest with a new Robin so the group felt it wanted it’s own identity and kept it’s original.
The new robin stands tall and proud on the ball, the wings not outstretched as was the previous robin, and the beak is more pronounced to make it look more like a robin. The red silhouette treatment remains to keep things simple but also, too much detail would be lost when the logo is used in small instances (on our pin badges for example) and email signatures (due to launch with our website next season). We all remember those little bears that appeared on the new Ilkeston FC badge which were turned into blobs when embodied on the club shirts.
The speech bubble outline which surrounds the design elements has also been adjusted to fit the extended type that sites alongside the IFSG letters and also echoes the ethos our our group, giving Supporters a voice. The IFSG is the rebirth of a Supporters Group which needed to move forward with the new club.
We hope you like our new logo and if there is enough appetite for it, there might just be another enamel badge to add to the collection.