The Supporters Group will be making a record investment into the football club in the near future. Unlike in the past, we shall be sponsoring two players this season and, for the very first time, we shall also be sponsoring a match. In addition to this we will be looking towards purchasing some much needed equipment which will assist the club considerably.

Anthony Redwood fully recognises the importance of the Group and the club will be pro-actively promoting the Group, encouraging as many supporters as possible to join up. The sponsored game, earmarked for early 2018, will enable five lucky members plus a guest each to receive hospitality from the club prior to the game (Committee members are exempt from the draw). Other incentives are being looked into.

A growth in numbers will potentially allow us invest further as the season progresses, and we are looking at starting a stadium development fund to assist the club with any necessary improvements – in addition to the £3,000 ring-fenced for the public address system upgrade.

Apart from financially, the Group will be assisting in other ways. We will be producing official club merchandise with an aim to getting to stock in before Christmas. This will come at no cost to the club but we will be splitting profits 50% once we have broken even.

Exciting times lie ahead, and the need for us to be as one has never been greater. Onwards and upwards! Up the Robins!


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