The Supporters Group name change from IFCSG to IFSG wasn’t just a case of losing a letter and carrying on. It was an opportunity to reflect on the groups values, it’s position going forward as a group with the formation of a new football club in Ilkeston and moving on. It also presented our resident Graphic Designer and Website and Media Officer Lee Francis with an opportunity to revisit, and redesign the old logo which was launched with the original group back in 2011. 

Whilst the only original elements of the logo that remain are the football and IFSG letters (minus the C of course), Lee opted to redesign the old Robin that sat on the ball. The previous robin was a silhouette of the Old Ilkeston Town FC logo, the club which folded back in 2010. The birth of the IFCSG as a result of this event and subsequent formation of Ilkeston FC gave reference to the old crest. Ilkeston FC launched their own crest with a new Robin so the group felt it wanted it’s own identity and kept it’s original.
The new robin stands tall and proud on the ball, the wings not outstretched as was the previous robin, and the beak is more pronounced to make it look more like a robin. The red silhouette treatment remains to keep things simple but also, too much detail would be lost when the logo is used in small instances (on our pin badges for example) and email signatures (due to launch with our website next season). We all remember those little bears that appeared on the new Ilkeston FC badge which were turned into blobs when embodied on the club shirts.
The speech bubble outline which surrounds the design elements has also been adjusted to fit the extended type that sites alongside the IFSG letters and also echoes the ethos our our group, giving Supporters a voice. The IFSG is the rebirth of a Supporters Group which needed to move forward with the new club.
We hope you like our new logo and if there is enough appetite for it, there might just be another enamel badge to add to the collection.

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